Annie was born on August 15th, 1993 to her 2 unknown parents. who still remain unknown. In 1994, Annie's mother was in a car accident and ended up paralyzed from the waste down. A year later, in 1995, after a looking non-stop for a way for Annie's mother to start walking again, her father, located an Alpha Werewolf that promised his bite could cure her paralysis. On the next full moon in 1994, Annie's mother shifted in front of her husband and her daughter, Annie. She then started slashing Annie's father to pieces, just before she could reach for Annie to kill her, the same Alpha Werewolf bursted through the door and killed Annie's mother,which,shortly after, she realised that Annie was there, sitting on the floor, covered in blood, in complete horror. All 3 of her siblings were either at a relative's house or at daycare for the day. Stacy then decided to take Annie home with her and adopt her and when the time's right, turn her. Skip forward a few years in 2007, Stacy thought it was the correct time to turn Annie, so she did, she bit annie with Annie's permission of course, turning her into a werewolf the next day. With being a werewolf, Annie needed to learn control, so she turned to Stacy and asked stacy for help, not saying "no", Stacy agreed to help Annie learn control so she wont kill a human, or another werewolf. It took Annie 'til February of 2008 to learn control but even then, she had trouble staying in control. On September 27th, 2014, a group of hunters hunted the pack, badly wounding Stacy Parker with wolfsbane bullets, not being able to heal, Stacy begged Annie to take her life so that Annie could become the next Alpha of the pack. So on September 28th, 2014, Annie took the life of Stacy Parker and rose to Alpha status to resume to role of pack leader. From 2014 to now, Annie has killed and bitten various different humans and killed multiple werewolves to earn her the title of "She Devil" by the hunters.